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The State of CRM Software 2003-2004

If you're preparing to purchase Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you definitely should.

Reading The State of CRM Software before you start your selection process could save you thousands of dollars in consultant fees and internal resource consumption. The State of CRM Software will also greatly reduce the risk of selecting the wrong system for your needs—a mistake that could cost your company big bucks.

The State of CRM Software reveals both satisfaction rates and functionality strengths and weaknesses, using a consistent and comprehensive methodology for all vendors. Simply put, it slices through the marketing baloney and provides an unbiased, pull-no-punches assessment of how good a job the major software vendors are doing for their customers. Vendors analyzed in depth include:

  • Multi-function Tier 1: Clarify, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel Systems
  • Multi-function Tier 2: Onyx, Pivotal, SalesLogix
  • Multi-function Tier 3: ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft CRM,
  • Marketing Analytics: E.piphany, SAS

This study is indispensable for any potential CRM software buyer and a "must have" for consultants responsible for knowing the software vendor landscape. This 120-page report is packed with data and charts and includes:

  • Analysis of more than 1,000 assessments of CRM software systems
  • Satisfaction and functional ratings of the top 14 systems
  • Customer feedback on major CRM consultants, integrators, and analyst firms
  • No analyst-talk, vendor-speak, or vested-interest sponsors

More info and free excerpt on Pivotal »


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